Saturday, February 28, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 2, part I

This is where they would normally insert a recap of the last episode, but that kind of redundancy is unnecessary to me. If you missed any segments prior to what you are reading now, simply scroll down the page and read, or tune in more often. You are not a sinner, stop being sloth.

FLASH FLASH FLASH SPIN SPIN SPIN *insert jingle and rotating silhouetted something or other here*

"I feel like I am wearing a helmet!" she screams.

ASIDE: Okay, fine... maybe a little recap.

"You are clearly not," I assure her.

"Nothing fits. I don't think these images belong to me. And these sounds, they are so strange like I am underwater."

"Can you see under the water?"

"It does not hurt, if that's what you're asking," she answers, slowly turning her head and examining the room, "but these shelves weren't here before. Where did they come from? Who put them here, and why?"

"I'm not quite sure. Perhaps you put them up before you even knew this place."

"That's just silly, Alex. I would never choose such crazy colors. Why would I need a shelf to be so exuberant? It's just a shelf! Besides, I do not have the tools."

She is more than right on that part. Even if she does have the tools, God knows she will not be able to install those shelves by herself. Someone else must have been here after all.

"Well, whoever it was was not very handy. See how your belongings tilt?" I point out.

"The way they stand is the least of my worries. How will I know where anything is anymore?!" she pouts, crossing her arms and glaring at the shelves as if a scoff will somehow scare them off the walls and out of her once lifeless room.

"How did you know where anything was before now?!"

"Everything was in its right place: the floor. 'Where is your this? Where is your that?' Easy, right on the floor! I don't know where anything is anymore!"

I know she isn't angry, just sad. She does not whirl about or attack the shelves in any physical form. She is merely standing in the middle of her room, pouting, waiting for the mirthful shelves to remove their mirthful selves out of her murky hell.

"This place was a mess," I calmly tell her, "a clutter of shuffled papers, candy wrappers, and names you have long forgotten. Your room is far colder than the rest of this house. Your window is not to blame. It may be February still, but it is warmer outside than where we are standing. Well, at least it was, but now I am comfortable. I feel full. I think these shelves are the difference. I think these shelves are here to help."

"I never wished for help!" she snaps, finally on the verge of breaking. "I only wish for things that I know can happen. I cannot be helped, Alex, let alone by a shelf!"

"That is not the point of a wish," I counter, holding her by the shoulders and pulling her close. "A wish is allowed to be selfish, impossible even! A wish should be a miracle."

"What would you know, Alex?! You never wish for anything anymore! You mean to tell me these shelves are miraculous?! That is stupid, Alex. Stupid!"

After pushing me away, she runs to the shelves and knocks her belongings back onto the floor. A shiver crawls up my spine and tears my limbs. I quiver to be warm and to be full again.

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy


~hailing hails said...
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Alex McCurdy said...

the people in "the show" will remain nameless. they know who they are, and if you tune in enough, you will, too.

Gypsy said...

honestly? i really like it when you write stories.

Anonymous said...

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Connie said...

i can't decide if i should be reading this or not.

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