Thursday, February 12, 2009

Frosted Flakers

I strongly dislike it when people flake. The only good flakes are the frosted kind. They're great with three to four r's. I wonder if Tony the Tiger's full name is Anthony the Tiger. If so, do you think we call him by his nickname so he sounds more kid friendly? Then again, why is he naked? That's a little too friendly. I wouldn't let my kids play soccer with a naked tiger. In fact, I wouldn't let my kids play with any tiger (unless there was a tiger sponsored by Raisin Bran Crunch and he could hook a brother up. I fuckin love Raisin Bran Crunch)! Maybe Tony the Tiger only goes by Anthony when he is in board meetings. If that were the case, I would imagine him to be in suit and tie attire, so why does he rid of the suit part when he coaches children? Not very professional. Maybe he only goes by Tony the Tiger for alliteration purposes. Who knows? The point is, I hate flakers.

- Alex


edukateyourself said...

Anthony the Tiger. That's great :D but I think the alliteration purpose is a good hypothesis.

Lots of cartoon characters are exhibitionists. Personally, I am more disturbed by the fact that Donald Duck manages to wear a top while ignoring his lower body parts. Then again, he has one fat behind.

Anonymous said...

1. tony the tiger is italian and somewhat of an exhibitionist.

2. you have children? oh my.

3. raisin bran crunch is too cool for a tiger. they have geeky guys that worship raisins (like me) cuz it's the best cereal eva (except trix).

4. he has a pin stripe suit (:

i dislike flakers also.

brillant ;]

~hailing hails

kimberrr. said...

lmfao. ahaha this makes my day. when i read this, i laughed. heehee ^.^ YES, anthony is his real name, and what a great name at that *coughs* anthony green. lol. why is he naked? omg. you're funny. he's nakie cuz he likes to be all natural, the way God made him :P and yah i dislike flakers too. my friend's a flake, but its okay, i've learnt to make backup plans. lol. mmm. frosted flakes. healthier cereal is tastier though :) yum.

ALC said...

tony has a handkerchief around his neck silly.

captain crunch sir. that's where its at.

ALC said...