Sunday, December 7, 2008

apparently we are apparent like a cracker for a parrot

i was googling potatoess - that's what i do when i really like something, i google it - and discovered in accordance to google, potatoes are associated with carrots. did you know carrots can be a various assortment of colors such as purple or red? it's insane, really. i mean, when was the last time you ate a non-orange carrot? do you think the color of a carrot effects the taste? Granny Smith apples definitely taste more sour to me than the typical Red Delicious. is Pineapple considered an apple? why is the orange the only fruit/vegetable named after its color? unlike carrots and apples, perhaps the orange can only be orange. i wonder where i can find a discolored carrot. i certainly have not seen any at the local market or in the PetsMart bunny soufflé cups. i'll have to ask a farmer. my grandfather-in-law is a farmer, but i think if i disturbed him, especially in regard to the questions within this blog, he won't send me a decent Christmas gift this year.

anyways, back to potatoes. Mr. Potato Head is most renowned for his accessorizing abilities, but sometimes i wonder more about his personal life rather than which pair of eyes or silly lips he'll be sporting. is his first name actually, Potato? how generic! it's like naming your first born son, Son. maybe the media forced that name upon him... just in case people mistook him for a severed knee or something. also, is he an uncooked potato or is he baked? he clearly isn't mashed or fried, but seriously, he never spoils. uncooked potatoes eventually shrivel in time, but what becomes of a baked potato? can it be left unrefrigerated, or will it rot and whither, as well? my assumption - due to an evident lack of knowledge concerning unattended potatoes - is that Mr. Potato Head must be baked. there is simply no other explanation for his unending survival.

- Alexander McCurdy


Writerschoices said...

1) Are you returning my gift? I am offended dear sir

2) It is the tiger's temple's twisted tang

3) How would a blogspot get me more readers?

4) I am no whore

5) You're starting to get the hang of it in the title :)

6) Don't cramp my style jerk!

7) <3

ALC said...

i was thinking a random chain of thoughts that eventually led to this blog. i think its cool and i think your thoughts are cool....

what about tangerines?


~hails said...

there are purple potatoes. and baked potatoes shrivel up too. mr. potato head is a raw unbaked potato that was well preserved in the root cellar. they replace him when he gets icky. :D