Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a selfless devil delving justice

people are selfish. i do not think selfishness is a bad thing (it's not necessarily a good thing, but i don't think it's a bad thing, either). it is simply human nature. we cry at funerals. we think of all the hypothetical great times we could have spent together if only those who passed were still here. we ask God why he took their lives away from us as if their existence was in our possession. we tell ourselves that the afterlife is a "better place" so the idea of the unknown is easier to abide. we accuse God for being the Selfish One, for He wanted those dearest to us to be nearest to Him.
are these good or bad things?

it is acceptable to miss the ones we love. it is acceptable to be sad. it is acceptable to never get over it. it is even understandable to selfishly take our own lives in hopes of joining those deceased - or at least to escape the misery or desolate abyss of not sensing anything. for some reason, however, it is unacceptable to get over death too fast. people believe that a certain amount of time is needed to grieve. i do not know how this is measured, but if the limit is not reached, then we are callous... or guilty of something.
are these good or bad things?

people blame death not only on God, but on those around them. whether someone is innocent or justly incriminated, nothing can make the dead become the living (unless they are a vampire, a zombie, or Jesus... funny how those three fit into the same category). we cannot change the past, but we can take the future into our own hands. if a person is murdered, we set out to find and capture the killer. we take the liberty to punish him for his wrongdoings. we decide his sentence, and then we execute. once his retribution is complete - usually by the same act he committed - our hearts can be lifted and our souls put to ease.
are these good or bad things?

i expect and accept the selfish nature of people. perhaps you can tell me if that is a good or bad thing.

- Alexander McCurdy


Gypsy said...

I think you take pleasure in people like me looking at your photos and wondering, "what the fuck is that?"

We can only be self-centered because we live inside of ourselves. I cannot live inside you therefore I can never know or decide your fate, judge your right and wrong, feel what you feel, think what you think, etc.

If I were to try to be unselfish, and think things as others would want them, and try my damnedest to do what others would want, or what is good for others, it would only be what I think they want or what would be good, so therefore I am selfish again.

Which brings me back to my original first line point.

ALC said...

good thing. bad thing. good thing. good thing.
but i think this post is because of something that happened.. :/ ima go find my phone and call you.

Alex McCurdy said...

Gypsy, i don't want you to decide my fate. i merely want to know your opinion. good? bad? you decide.

ALC, your phone must be misplaced, for i received no call or answer. you're the worst.

Anonymous said...

oh alx whom i dont know, there is no use for turning things over and over in your mind like this..it brings us that much closer to our own insanity down fall. there are far too many things to be thought about..if all were bought up, life would be even more a disaster.

phil 4:8-12ish

look it up. its true. to the core.
"i dont want to be an intellectual but ignorent fool who argues that foolishness at mind, to rip at things over in their head until the point of their own insanity..."

Alex McCurdy said...

oh anonymous whom i evidently don't know, there is no turning in my mind... maybe gears are, but no flip-flopping. i see this post to be a straight line. i am not confused, simply curious as to what other people think is selfish. insanity is in the mind of the beholder (much like beauty to the eye), and i don't consider my thoughts crazy.
also do you not find it somewhat contradictory to quote the Bible in your response? because is religion not one of the MOST mind boggling topic of all?!

kudos to ALC for answering this blog just as i wanted. good, good, good, good, or bad, bad, bad, bad, or whatever YOU as the reader decides!

WritersChoices said...

You will get new posts when I GOD DAMN FEEL LIKE IT!!
Also when I am done transferring the old posts.
There may be new posts in the old one but I'm expending my energies toward videos right now so maybe not...
well see...