Friday, December 12, 2008

the window and the rose

suppose i placed a rose just outside your bedroom window. do you think the wind would blow too forcefully and make the rose erode? if so, i propose we find your rose a cloak or armored robe - or replace the rose with some anaerobe.

but no! i love this rose - though it rarely shows - and i can find an antidote to ward off a winds harsh blow. after all, the wind is only a foe when it is up and i am below - therefore it is not a friend, and then again, i typically fight my foes. i hit 'em in the nose and stomp upon their toes when any signs of militancy is knowingly made known.

but no! i don't wage wars, for my rage is AWOL, and my barrel is apparel to a chamber barely full. but the chamber in my home - with the window and the rose - still doesn't know how to stop the corroding blows.

i wish it weren't so exposed.

- Alexander McCurdy


LiveLikeSin said...

I know we didn't talk much when we meet and also it's probably weird for me to comment here, but I feel obligated to tell you that I'm addicted to your blog. haha

Alex McCurdy said...

heheh, not weird at all. it's good to know that someone actually reads these.