Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 3, part I

Whether or not the weather is hot, I always find myself in this itchy spot. I pet my eyebrows and give them each a name. Calm down, Antonio. You, too, Verde. Once they are soothed, I calmly and comely pursue the chase. Most people would insert a blush or a stutter here, but I simply need to scratch. It creepily travels down from Antonio and Verde to my nameless cheeks and chin. The itch is less of a tickle now, more like a prickle now, so I am in a pickle now on account of my fickle brows! I must avow, I don't know how to properly ditch this twitchy itchy itch. Perhaps there is an off switch. Fortunately, the rain answers my elsewhere prayers.

ASIDE: It is considered demeaning for a woman to get on her knees before a man, yet we still kneel before God.

Rain affects people. Even if it only affects a person mentally, a person's mentality affects their physicality, thus affecting them all together. Personally, I enjoy the rain. The feeling of water on my body is refreshing, and the idea of clouds and winds and science making love in the sky, birthing precipitation, and allowing their creation to fall helplessly - yet gracefully - lets me know I am here and I am real. Still, like almost anything in this world, rain can be too much of a good thing.


"We have to go inside, ____. It is pouring far too hard!" I shout to her. I am not angry, but the rain impacts every surface around us. I cannot hear anything else.

"Is it not wonderful, though?" she asks me.

She spins around and around, arms outstretched, wearing her fullest, most radiant smile. The clouds can cover the sun, but they could never hide her smile.

"Let's stay out here forever!" she declares, still spinning, chasing that five year old high.

"But it's cold out here. You'll get sick!" I object.

She stops spinning and frolics up to me. With a splash in a puddle and a tap on the nose she says, "Correction: we will get sick, and we can stay home from school and work, and not do a thing except bask in each other's wonderful sickness."

I have to admit, her idea sounds full proof. I could be healthy for the rest of my life and obtain everything the general person strives for and not nearly be as happy as I would spending my eternity sick with her, together. She throws her arms around me, and instantly I am warm again.

"Kiss me in the rain, Alex."

"I like you too much to kiss you in the rain, ____."

"Whatever do you mean, silly? If you liked me too much, I wouldn't even have to ask. You must not like me very much at all," she teases. "Now kiss me!"

"I cannot kiss you, ____. If I were to kiss you in the rain, we would eventually drown."


to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy


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edukateyourself said...

I also like your aside... I was really glad to know Alex, the poet, but now I am very happy to know Alex, the screenwriter. :)

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you have to come home and read this to me lol

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