Monday, March 2, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 3, part II

I will now purposefully discontinue "Episode 3, part I" to bring you a more recent show update. For all of you sappy romantics with your heart sinking to the pith of your chest, wondering if I was going to kiss or drown with ____ in the rain, I sincerely apologize for the interruption. However, earlier this morning one of my viewers had questions. This is my show, and when someone does not fully comprehend how it works, I feel obligated to explain (or at least try).



IYNH: Is there a particular girl in your story, or you just don't want to name her?

ALEX: You're the girl.

IYNH: Yes! I knew it!

ALEX: That is why I leave her name blank, so you - the reader - can insert your name here: _____.

IYNH: Well, then that doesn't count.

ALEX: Sure it does. After all, it is my show.

IYNH: Make a "_____ Show." I want to know what it would be like.

ALEX: You don't know what your life is like?

IYNH: Nope.

ALEX: The show here on my blog is based on my life. It's just an altered version of how the screenwriters wrote it for the show you see on television or online. Did you not read the first couple episodes?

IYNH: I did, but I don't get it.

Alex: It's alright, but if the first disclaimer does not make sense, then I don't know how else to explain what is happening. I will try my hardest, though. This show is running all the time. The tapes never stop filming and the show is accessible 24/7 for anyone's viewing pleasure. These blog entries are me, the protagonist, writing about the show from my own point of view.

IYNH: Oh, so you're not making it up?

ALEX: Yes and no. Like I said before, this blog is an altered concept of a conceptual show. I am writing the blog entries, which are based off of a show, which is based off of me, Alex McCurdy. Don't act like you don't know, _____. I am sure you watch it on television or online. Most of my friends have seen it. Some even own the DVD's.

IYNH: Shut up!

ALEX: Certainly you have seen "The Alex Show," _____. That is what these last few blog entries are all about!

IYNH: I hate you.

ALEX: Why? I am honestly trying to explain it.

IYNH: 'Cause of your lies! There is no "Alex Show!"

ALEX: It is no lie. I am Alex from "The Alex Show." I am the real deal.

IYNH: Okay, so you are making it up is what you're saying, but you're not making up the concept.

ALEX: I am not making anything up. The writers made up the concept, and I am sharing my life with my viewers, only this time, from my own point of view. I know you have to play along, _____. You're an actress. It's what you do, and I don't want to get you fired.

IYNH: You are frustrating.

ALEX: You hate my blog now, don't you?

IYNH: I am confused, but not.

ALEX: Just think, _____. Think about that concept: life has been screen written. What if you are the show? What if the world is watching you right now? What if this is my sneaky way of revealing it to you and you are missing it? Are you in denial? Have you never wondered why life is so hard and some things don't make sense? And why you feel the way you do and sometimes wish you didn't? It's the show! It's all written out, and I am just an actor telling you this so you will think it is preposterous. That way you'll never second guess it, and in your blissful oblivion the show can continue. Or maybe you're right, and there is no show. Maybe Alex McCurdy is just crazy.

IYNH: I get what you're saying...

ALEX: We are instructed to think within the lines, _____. Remember when you were a child and someone instructed you to color inside the lines? Do you not remember that freeing feeling of crayon wax spilling all over the paper or even on the floor or the walls? You could create whatever you wanted. You could alter anything with a surface, but someone told you where it was and was not appropriate to color. Well, it was a sham, _____! They were manipulating you. Changing you. Keeping you within boundaries. There is a reason why children naturally color outside the lines, and there is a reason why some "someone" tries to keep us within them.

IYNH: Now you are warping my brain. You are like drugs, Alex McCurdy!

ALEX: If i am a drug, then thank you. It's good to know that I am addictive and influencing something or someone, especially since I am not on any at the moment.

IYNH: I would say you are a good one, and one I would like to hold on to.

ALEX: Anyways, I apologize for the rants, but I am glad I made you think outside of those boundaries today.

IYNH: You say that like I don't know how to think without the help of someone else... which may in fact sadly be true.

ALEX: You know how to think, _____, but everyone thinks differently. When you read my blog, it is a different perception from the one I am thinking when I write it or how others are perceiving it. That is what I love about poetry and music and sight and sound and everything. It is all interchangeable. I know what my show is about, and nobody will fully understand it the way I do. No matter how much a person can relate, we will never be exact. I think it is a good thing.

IYNH: Yeah. Okay. Well, after that being said, please come home.

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy & Supporting Actress


Gypsy said...

What if I don't want to be ___? What if I want to watch your show but I don't relate to your female character?

Then leaving her nameless is pointless and distracting.

Alex McCurdy said...

you make a valid point, maggie.

this edit will make more sense, and hopefully please you:

*insert whoever or whatever you wish here: _____*

~hailing hails said...
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Chatterchuga said...

so how did you put together the name IYNH