Monday, March 30, 2009

"The Greatest Warrior Alive" Afterthought, Afterlife

post script. what happens to the greatest warrior alive? part four: he dies. don't you see? it doesn't matter if he is a warrior, or the greatest warrior or even a warrior at all. just like everyone else he dies. existentialism blackhole pale horse blah blah blah eternity is floating in an empty room with no walls, staring into the dark abyss blah blah blah the only thought being the lack of thought blah blah blah no desire blah blah blah we all end up in the same spot, and you can cling to belief blah blah blah and you can claim you even know, but you cannot blah blah blah you can tell yourself that you are not afraid and i will believe you blah blah blah after all, how can you be afraid of the unknown? you should be fuckin excited. you will discover something new, not the blinding glare of the paramedics' flashlights or the the sound of angelic sirens, but something greater. why do you even want an eternity? i would prefer an end. eternity just means more work. i do not want to live and breathe and feel and hurt and love and laugh forever. i do not want hell.

- afm


edukateyourself said...

"how can you be afraid of the unknown? you should be fuckin excited."

i like this. simple, but i like it.

~hails said...
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Gypsy said...

why does it seem like your own existentialist brain is annoying you?

Alex McCurdy said...

edukateyourself - thank you, and i hope you are.

hails - there is no peace in my eternity. nor is there calamity. i would try to make a point, but that would be pointless.

gypsy - perhaps it is your own perception of my brain that is annoying you.

responder - don't.