Monday, March 23, 2009

"The Greatest Warrior Alive" pts. I - IV

I. My feet burn like the sun, and so I run. My legs, pendulums in motion, stomp upon the earth and mud. I am Sandstorm, plunging from the mountain, sinking like hope down a slip'ry slope.

II. My arms bend like the hawk, and so I fly. My hands, feathers of wings, float upon the clouds and sky. I am Whirlwind, roaring from the heavens, soaring like pride when one must abide.

III. My chest yearns like the heart, and so I breathe. My lungs, fish out of the sea, pierce into the walls like sheathes. I am Water, coursing through the river, streaming like blood from a vital flood.

IV. No rampart can stop me. No mountain can top me. I will purge through like a rampant flu, but in the end I will fall like you.

- Alexander McCurdy


jessica.alexandra said...

i believe i like this
like most of your writing.

~hailing hails said...
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edukateyourself said...

"poetry is just the evidence of life. if your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash." - leonard cohen