Sunday, March 15, 2009

pick up chicks

like a farming hick, i pick up chicks and place them in crates. i wait and wait and wait until a later date when they can kick out eggs from between their legs - a pretty nifty trick for such young chicks. as time ticks and ticks and ticks the chicks kick and kick and kick and create tasty balanced bait for waiting sneaky snakes. i get on my knees as if to beg, pick up the eggs from beneath their slate, and place them in another crate. depending on their height and weight, i debate whether i want to sell them or if i want to tell them to jump on my plate. first i must crack them as if to attack them, and make them into a sunny-side state. But cracking is a gamble, for the eggs might break, and snacking on scrambled eggs is a fate i would hate.

still, i continue to procreate.

- Alexander McCurdy

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