Wednesday, March 4, 2009

everything without a name

together my eyes are opening and closing like muddled masts. i will be forced to cut them down in time.
fictional subconscious seeps through into a shakily vivid sphere. i confuse its field with actuality.
distinctive and familiar, feign faces speak in twisted tongues. there are no words, just harbored lips.
the limbs i carry cannot take flight as i uncontrollably sail above. winds can only take me so far.
defeated or victorious, i look up to my only destination. the sky falls below, taking my trust with it.
i cannot tell what is a dream or a distant memory. i cannot be judged without a name.

- Aelnaxedr MuCdrcy?


WritersChoices said...

But I can sentence you without shame and place in you my blame! and a name to your game is the name you have slain you have maimed you have tamed and displayed as your personal pet but were better off yet with the letters still wet from the internal pen dipped in your soul that pees black that glees at all of that that you leave in that sack of a body of bones that contain meat that reaps meaning for me from the tissues for issues of the disuse of kiss you cannot, miss you, cannot wish you but will this do? yes will this do! yes will this do!!

Alex McCurdy said...

this will do