Monday, March 23, 2009

Fuck "The Alex Show!"

I like what we don't have. These empty spaces have such potential. Not the kind of potential that every troubled child is rewarded from their middle school counselor, but the kind that can actually evolve into something greater. The lack of feeling is better than feeling everything good or everything bad. It is a clean slate, better than birth.

ASIDE: When you are born you are not clean - definitely not in a literal sense. You have nine months time to learn. You adapt to the thought and sound of undeniable security. You are shielded within another being until you are forced out of your womb, your home. You come out bloody and crying, still attached to the very thing that is trying to get rid of you. How is that fresh? How are you new? You're not.

Erase everything - these words included - and you can be new for the very first time... like Madonna... but better and far less holy. Take that as you will, and know that our lives are like television sets showing us watch televisions sets. We are sitting on couches within screens on couches within screens. Let me know when you break this cycle. I will be waiting on the other side with a pocketbook heart and a crowbar in my hand. Remind me to remember to forget to open it once you cross that pane. Otherwise, we will have no spaces to fill, and the idea of forgetting will be long forgotten.


- Alexander McCurdy


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Anonymous said...

hmmm interesting
like it

Gypsy said...

I have to be honest, when I read this, I heard the twilight Zone narrator speaking it inside my head.

Alex McCurdy said...

you keep saying that, gypsy. i should really watch the twilight zone sometime.